Build A Lead Generation Website With WordPress

Learn How To Build A Website That Can Generate Sales Leads For Businesses

A lead generation website is a site that can help a business capture contact details of people who are interested in their business. We have help built simple lead generation websites that have helped businesses get leads that eventually turned into sales. This online course will provide step-by-step instructions on how to build a lead generation website using WordPress and show you how to strucure the site that can convert visitors into sales leads. 

What's Covered?

‚ÄčThis Lead Generation Website course will include the following:

  • Get step-by-step instructions on how to build an example of a lead generation website
  • How to layout your website structure to capture leads
  • Learn how to install forms that will notify you once you get sales leads
  • How to set up the website that is SEO friendly 
  • Learn how to use Google Webmaster Tools to get your website listed in Google 
  • Get tips on elements to put on the web page to convert a visitor into a sales lead
  • Discover Google Analytics and how to install the tracking code on your website
  • A real hosted WordPress platform for 3 months to work on the exercises to build a lead generation website
  • ... and much more.

Who Should Sign Up?

This is an online course for beginners who would like to learn a quick and easy way to build a website that can help businesses generate sales leads. 

Here's The Catch...

We have yet to create this course and would only create it if there is sufficient interest for such a topic. We have been building lead generation websites for ourselves and clients, and wouldn't mind sharing how to build one if there is enough people wanting to learn it for an affordable price of only RM 100. This includes the step-by-step instructions and 6 months of WordPress hosting space to practice what you learn. 

So if you are interested to learn such a skill for only RM 100, please fill up the form above and we will get in touch with you once the course goes lived. We will currently limit this special offer to the first 50 people who signs up.


Proposed Launch Date : Mid May 2015

Learning Method: Online

Course Validity: Until 31 Dec 2015

Course Fee: RM 100 (limited to the first 50 people)